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Cardio Exercises

Posted By on Jan 18, 2017

Cardio exercises are usually excluded out of workout routines by bodybuilders or by those who want to have a less body fat count. but the fact is Cardio Exercises can help you get a much leaner body. Learn an effective cardio exercise for faster and better results.

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Excuses for work-top-secret

Posted By on Nov 20, 2015

You are feeling exhausted, you’re tired, you have a bad day and you just wish for some rest. Probably you were having days when you didn’t want to go to work because of no special reason. Sometimes you probably have a completely legitimate excuse, but sometimes you’re just feeling lazy and you down have a wish to work. The good news is that there are several excuses that can be used, and you don’t have to look bad for them.

There are physician’s notes for the workplace and for school. You must use one that’s suitable to your situation. The reason is these notes happen to have some differences with their elements. Some that are found on a work note aren’t found at a school note. Having these in mind, you can avoid the falling for the common mistakes that others had done. Try making your own fake medical practitioner’s letter.

When planning to get an excuse, you should have dr notes for work if you are an employee. This type of note contains elements that are familiar to employers, thus, helping you avoid further interrogations or investigations. You should keep in mind that such notes should only be used once in a quarter since you might look suspicious.

Skip work by using a fake doctor’s note.

food_poisoning_by_plognark-d41vwe5For example, you got food poisoning. This is an emergency excuse. This excuse is very good because there isn’t any physical evidence, like with some other cases. A few grabs of your stomach will be just enough to confirm the legitimacy of your excuse. If you are a woman, even better you can put some baby powder or light-colored foundation on your face to make you look sick. Poisoning is a better option than flu because you don’t have to act sniffing or coughing when you return to work. And food poisoning is a good excuse in any part of the year.

Sometimes mental excuses are the best. Today all people talk about stress and anxiety. These are common parts of our lives. They are products and common followers of major life events like getting married, having a baby etc. Most of our bosses don’t want to get involved in this part of our life. They just don’t want anything to do with employee mental issues and they will give you some time off for these kinds of problems. These kinds of excuses can be a perfect crime because there is no physical evidence. Therefore you don’t have to fake anything; just your words would be enough. But if you really want a doctors excuse, there are places online to get them.

online sellers of dr.notes

Saved by the doctor’s template

Emotional stress can reflect badly on your work. That is why a relationship breakup can be used like a good excuse. Your boss will not definitely want to get involved in these kinds of issues. A breakup can be very dramatic and a lot of people take a week off to put themselves together. Nobody wants to get involved in these kinds of situations. Another good site is here: 


Some people love pets. And we can use them as an excellent excuse. Most people have a pet at home and sometimes they can be very problematic. You could say that to your dog caused you some problems with your neighbors. Or you can say that your pet a something poison or dangerous and it needs the surgery. You can tell your boss that you have to stay at home for a few days until your pet recovers.

This is a real-life scenario and I have found the same experience at Cosmic Lighthouse, I have been reading blogs on this site for years now and had downloaded some notes already. Good news is, they work! Learn to create the perfect fake doctor’s note from .

If you are woman female issues are the best excuse. That is the advantage of being a woman. Cramps and the pain that is very annoying can be used as a good excuse especially if your boss is a woman, too. She will probably be full of understanding.

As a citizen of some state, you have your duties like jury duty and you can’t avoid it. Every citizen has to understand for this kind of duty and your boss won’t probably check it. Here, go and visit this might help you to have more understanding about this topic.

When you finally figure out what kind of excuses you want to use, carefully research symptoms which you might want to add to your acting to make this whole excusing theme become successful. You can try to download fake doctor notes but always get them from trusted suppliers that would offer a refund when things have gone wrong.

This is what you’ll get for using a cheap looking doctor’s excuse. Try going to to find the best fake doctor’s note.

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